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Call Recorder

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Call recording and two-way conversation

It sometimes happens that we need a program to record all calls and, when necessary, be used

This action plan Easy call recording with powerful panel for your support

With this app you will be able in time to record all the files to listen to, delete or share

This app uses the phone's microphone will record all your incoming and outgoing calls and you will be able to call them with panels very powerful and beautiful

Also on the program will be able to put a password to stop others from listening to your calls short

Activation program is very easy and just a touch of the red button in the middle of the screen is also touch the same spot again you will be able to disable the program

Tested phones:

HTC Desire 616 was excellent quality and a high resolution sound recordings

Samsung A5 on the phone was also excellent quality

huawei P9 Lite on the phone had no substantial quality program

LG K10 very good program recorded on the phone

If when calling your phone on speaker sound quality on all Android devices is very high

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