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A program for training the correct makeup salon and makeup off and take care of your beauty. 100 training in this program over the makeup and maintain and protect existing segmentation and classification, which with the help of this tutorial are you younger and more beautiful, more important than all will be more healthy

Another part of the program is to introduce the products of the brand that has been in the cosmetics category if segregated area, and you can brand toiletries needed in this section and when you purchase the product with a picture of the product contained in the compliance program and the accuracy of it, make sure You can also interest other users towards the desired product or get their sense of taking the product announcement

 This collection of 6000 collection product makeup and colored tonnage enjoys and cosmetic companies 2016 products available. The program has an original eye shadow hair area categories lip skin nails and beauty products and tools as well as a collection of tips and tricks for makeup. To use the features of the program you need to have Internet


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