Welcome to Cafe Bazaar’s Press Section. 

Cafe Bazaar is a comprehensive platform of applications and games serving Persian-speaking users. We are the largest third-party Android app store in the Middle East. We are dedicated to providing journalists and the public with information and updates regarding our activities and business operations. We welcome media inquiries from across the world and provide resources to build a greater understanding of our company, people and users.

For media inquiries please contact the Head of Global Media Engagement Ali Ahmadi at alireza.ahmadi@cafebazaar.ir or pr@cafebazaar.ir.  

For press releases visit the Cafe Bazaar Media Center on Medium here.




有关媒体查询,请致电 alireza.ahmadi@cafebazaar.ir 或  pr@cafebazaar.ir 与全球媒体业务负责人 Ali Ahmadi(阿里)联系。



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