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Daal router, permanent guide
Daal Router is a free and functional application that makes it easy for you to navigate through a lovely environment. After selecting your destination on a router map, navigate the best and fastest way, with voice guidance and other enjoyable features. Do not worry about driving and Inform each other of what's happening around you.

Possibilities :
- Show a Persian map with street traffic
- Provide estimates of arrival time during the trip
- Smart routing with respect to traffic
- Ability to choose destinations using voice commands
- Ability to interact with other users through submit traffic events
- Display crashes, cameras, police, road crashes and ... on the map
- Has the ability to navigate without passing through traffic plans
- Provides step by step directions guidance
- Provide route audio guide in Persian language
- Direct navigation from other apps such as snap, tap30 and other
- Save favorite locations and routing them with one click
- Save home and work and routing them with one click

Website: www.daalapp.com
Email: info@daal.ir
Telegram: https://t.me/daalapp
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/daalapp/
Support: @DaalSupport

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